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Kluis Grain Trading Academy starting January 2021.

Registration is now open. In-person sessions to be held in Wayzata, Minnesota.


How to read the markets

You will learn the basics of marketing, and how to interpret the signals that affect grain prices every day--and night. You will start to learn about putting those signals together to make a marketing plan and be a strategic farm marketer.

How to make a solid plan

You will learn how to use more tools that let you harness your marketing plan and make it work, and learn good practices that can help you survive tough years, and shine in good years. You'll also learn how to make the right grain merchandising decisions.

How to use the markets to make your plan work

You will learn how to use your farm risk management skills as a part of your normal farm routine. You will learn to use advanced tools that let you profit from opportunities in the grain markets, while still managing your exposure to risk.

Our Classes

Your farm... your school... your success!

Kluis Grain Trading Academy is a 13-class program over the course of 6-weeks which combines in-person sessions with Al Kluis and his team and webinar classes that will teach you how to maximize the profit of your farm. Learn more to earn more!

You are also encouraged to call with your questions as you work through the classes: 888-345-2855. If you have questions, we want to know. Our team of grain traders will work with you to help you understand.

We have designed Kluis U so that we can update each session as the markets evolve. After 40 years in the business, we know one thing: The markets keep changing, and we all have to keep up. As a result, we have decided that our alumni can return to each session more than once. We will notify alumni when we have made significant changes to any session they have viewed--or added a new session--so they can review the updated or new material at their convenience.

Year One The basics of marketing

Topics covered in Year One:

  • Futures
  • Intro to Options (Part A)
  • Charting (Part A)
  • Opening a Futures Account
  • Big Traders
  • Outside Markets
  • Intro to Options (Part B)
  • Grain Merchandising
  • Charting (Part B)
  • Risk, Margins, and Leverage
  • Marketing Plan
  • Grain Fundamentals
  • Strategic Thinking

Year Two Becoming a stronger marketer

Topics covered in Year Two:

  • Year 1 Review
  • Intermediate Grain Merchandising
  • Intermediate Options (Part A)
  • Intermediate Charting (Part A)
  • Spreads
  • Intermediate Options (Part B)
  • Livestock Hedging
  • Financial Ratios
  • Trading Debacles
  • Trading your Futures Account
  • Intermediate Options (Part C)
  • Using your Trading Account
  • Intermediate Charting (Part B)

Year Three Becoming a trader and active marketer

Topics covered in Year Three:

  • Creating a Master Marketing Plan
  • Advanced Charting (Part A)
  • Advanced Grain Merchandising Decisions
  • Advanced Options (Part A)
  • How an Elevator Operates
  • Marketing Contracts
  • Al’s 7 Golden Rules
  • Contracts, Spreads and International Markets
  • Trading Debacles
  • Trading your Futures Account
  • Advanced Charting (Part B)
  • Advanced Options (Part B)
  • Trading Academy Review


Call us and we will advise on a course of action to help get you started.

At the end of Year Three, you will be ready to build and manage your own marketing plan, interpret market actions, create and read charts, and execute your own trades. Most important: You will be a smart marketer, able to keep your farm in the game, whether markets are up or down.

Additional Benefits


You can continue to use your student ID and password on your primary computer to review your registered sessions for three years from your most recent enrollment.

Your Instructor

Al Kluis, who has been trading grain and advising farmers for 40 years.
Learn more about Al at Al and his team have built a three-year curriculum that will teach you to market grain like a pro--and like a farmer who will be in business for a lifetime.

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Kluis U student center: 888-345-2855